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Quadra can assist our clients in obtaining ALL available information from ALL available sources.  Although contacting BCOneCall is a must, there are many utilities buried by companies not included in the BCOneCall list.  Many municipalities are not included, and the same goes for some telecommunication providers.  We can contact all possible parties with services in the area and assemble the information for our clients in the field



Concrete scanning (concrete imaging) provides detailed imagery of rebar, conduits and post-tension cable lines. Our high-frequency concrete scanning GPR and Ferroscan tools can help you find lines and conduits and rebar buried in concrete slabs at new construction sites or older slabs.  Concrete scanning can be used to evaluate:
Considerable experience working with pipeline companies across BC, in urban and remote areas. Locates for:
Work at terminal buildings, storage tank farms, pump stations, new builds, well sites, abandoned sites, coal plants, heavy infrastructure, water mains, substations, transmission lines. Locates for:


Using GPR and EM, we can locate metal pipes, plastic pipes, conduit, sumps, abandoned lines and other subsurface structures. Additional locate tools include camera scoping and sonde tracing for plastic pipes (commonly storm and sanitary sewer lines).



  • Alignment Sweeping
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Proposed / Current ROWs
  • Pipeline construction
  • Route planning
  • Four-way sweeps of proposed right-of-ways
  • Sweeps for brush clearing or logging activities
  • Pre-construction staking and sweeps



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  • Subsurface Utility Surveying
  • New Construction
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance 
We can create and issue surveyed drawings and AutoCAD / GIS maps for project planning and reporting purposes.  We have a several GPS rovers & total station survey systems and the staff that are fully trained in its use. Please contact us today for all your utility surveying needs. 
  • Concrete Coring projects
  • Soil Vapour Installations
  • Construction Sites
  • Post-Tension Cable Locating
  • Rebar Locating


When in doubt, daylight!  Daylighting is a common field term used to reference the "exposing" of a buried utility with non-destructive methods.  A hydrovac truck is a common approach to expose the location of a line along a trench or at a specific location.
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Environmental Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Road & Civil Works
Commonly referred to as Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), Quadra can scan a property using GPR and EM for any form of buried tank or other object.  From residential heating oil tanks to gas station gasoline and diesel tanks, to buried debris at a dumpsite, we can locate it all!

An additional service for real estate agents is a summary letter stating our report of findings.